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Sidhu and Associates | Chartered Professional Accountant

Tax Planning & Compliance

At Sidhu & Associates, we provide proactive approach to tax planning rather than reactive. We keep current on changes in income tax and legislation related to tax planning strategies for our clients to minimize current and future tax liabilities.

Although individual tax planning and corporate tax planning are distinct issues, it is essential to coordinate the two to achieve ideal results. We can help with elements such as structuring investments, corporate reorganizations, compensation planning for key shareholders and family members.

Tax Services include but not limited to:

Individual tax planning and compliance.

  • Business, investment and partnership income.
  • Rental, farming and fishing income.
  • Capital gains - real state, rental property, stocks and bonds.
  • Retirement and pension income planning.
  • Reporting under CRA volunteer disclosure program (VDP).

Corporate tax planning and compliance.

  • In depth tax advice related to corporate tax planning strategies
  • Compensation & Income planning strategies.
  • Corporate reorganizations; rollovers, share capital reorganization, amalgamations and windups.
  • Estate, Succession & Trust Planning.
  • Regulatory compliance.

Estate & Trust tax return planning and compliance

Immigration and Emigration

Canadian tax law includes a number of special rules that apply to immigrants and emigrants. We are able to advise both corporations and individuals planning to establish or relinquish Canadian residency.

US Tax Returns

  • US tax returns for non-residents and residents.
  • US business income for Canadians

Guidance and Assistance with Canada Revenue Agency Audits.

Representation and negotiations on behalf of clients in matters of concern or dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency ( see CRA Audit & Appeals ).

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