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CRA Audits & Appeals

CRA audit and review can be frustrating and provoking for both businesses and individuals.

Our firm will assist and guide you with CRA audit, review and appeals. We will serve you and have your needs at the forefront and support you in protecting your rights and assets.

We will correspond with CRA on your behalf to ensure that you get the greatest result possible and represent you in meetings regarding audit, review, appeals, compliance, and collection issues with CRA staff.

We strongly believe that our expertise will be extremely productive and beneficial to you and your business.

Audit & review may be initiated by CRA because of but not limited to:

  • CRA "special project or pilot project". CRA often targets different types of businesses based on the risk assessment on compliance and other related risk factors.
  • Audit raised on a business based on its industry inherent risk in tax compliance.
  • Failure to file tax returns (Individual, Business, Corporation, GST, and Payroll) may lead to an audit or review of trust or tax account.
  • Fluctuations on numbers reported on your tax returns by comprehensive analysis done by CRA staff of your tax returns and financial statements.
  • Audit raised by auditors and trust examiners while examining books and records of a business; notice noncompliance on other regulatory tax matter. (Income tax auditor raises or recommends an audit on GST noncompliance).

Appeals on CRA decisions on audit and review, assessment, notional assessment, interest and penalties because of following but not limited to:

  • File Notice of Objection or Appeal if you disagree with CRA decision on your tax assessment.
  • Late Filing of Corporate, Business, GST, Payroll & Personal Tax Returns.
  • Appeals and representation through "Fairness Legislation and Voluntary Disclosure Program".
  • Assist and represent you in collection of disputed amounts
  • Other related complaints and disputes

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