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Assurance & Accounting Services

Sidhu & Associates delivers proactive range of credible assurance and accounting services to meet client needs for reporting and monitoring purposes. The accounting professional that your robust portfolio deserves does not simply provide a financial statement at year-end. Do not settle for basic assurance and accounting services. Work with a Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley accounting firm who provide cost-effective recommendations that will help to strengthen your balance sheet and improve your bottom line.

Financial Reporting includes but not limited to:

Review Engagement Reports:

The objective of a review engagement is to assess whether information covered by the review engagement report and presented on financial statements is plausible within the framework of accepted reporting criteria. These financial statements require a more detailed analysis and inquiries of the information that had been compiled but they do not require audit opinion. Review engagements provide a level of assurance to users/readers and are better sources of information in certain circumstances than notice to reader financial statements.

A review is often performed in the following circumstances:

  • Where the amount of borrowing is below a certain threshold.
  • Where there are multiple owners and each wants some assurance that the financial statements have been independently assessed.
  • Where it is mandated by a Provincial or Federal regulation based on total revenue.

Notice to Reader Reports:

In compilation engagements, we compile the financial statements based on the information provided by the client. Notice to reader financial statements are suitable for majority of small businessesand are accepted by the government, banks, credit unions lenders and other users on financial information about an entity.

Trust Audits, Other Reports and Services:

  • Law Society of BC Trust Reports.
  • Real Estate Council of BC Accountant's Reports.
  • Specified Audit Procedures Report for Strata Management and Co-Operative Housing.
  • Financial Litigation Support Services.

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