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Business profitability and sustainability is becoming a daily challenge to business managers, owners and all stakeholders. Irrespective of size and sector, many businesses will never unlock their full potentials. Every privately held company has its own unique accounting requirements.

At Sidhu & Associates, Chartered Professional Accountants, we make a great effort to understand your business and/or individual circumstances, your industry and the constraints which you face and review your financial metrics. We can recommend strategic solutions and plans that are tailored to your specific requirements. We assist companies of all sizes across multiple industries and work with governmental departments/agencies at all levels of government.

Professional business advisory services include but not limited to following:

  • Assistance with incorporating and start-up of new business.
  • Financial forecasting: Perform in-depth financial and qualitative analysis necessary to support complex decisions or secure financing or government funding (business plans, budgets and financial projections).
  • Business acquisition planning: (assets vs. shares, lease vs. buy).
  • Reviewing and recommending compensation and profit sharing plans.
  • Corporate reorganizations and business combinations.
  • Estate and trust planning.
  • Accounting system implementation and training.

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